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 BRUCE HIGHWAY -Brisbane nth to Innisfail

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PostSubject: BRUCE HIGHWAY -Brisbane nth to Innisfail   Fri May 21, 2010 11:06 am

6km sth of Gympie - overnight rest,toilet,water,tables,shelter.

11km east of Childers - overnight rest,toilet,water,tables.

2.5km nth-west of Childers - overnight rest,toilet,water,tables,shelter.

35.7km sth of Miriam Vale - overnight rest,toilet,disabled toilet,water,tables,shelter.

24km sth of Gladstone - toilet,disabled toilet,water,tables,shelter.

11.2km nth of Rockhampton - toilet,disabled toilet,water,tables,shelter.

1km west of Marlborough - tables,shelter.

13km sth of Lawrence - overnight rest,toilet,water,tables,shelter.

19.5km sth-east of Calen - toilet,water,tables,shelter.

4.3km sth of Bowen - toilet,disabled toilet,water,tables,shelter,bbq.

45km nth of Bowen - overnight rest,toilet,water,tables,shelter.

38km sth of Ayr - overnight rest,tables,shelter.

8.8km nth-west of Ayr - toilet,water,tables,shelter.

16km sth of Ingham - overnight rest,tables,shelter.

11.1km sth of Ingham - overnight rest,toilet,water,tables,shelter.

16km nth of Ingham - just a place to stop & rest.

21km nth of Cardwell - overnight rest,toilet,water,tables,shelter.

12.4km nth of El Arish - toilet,water,tables,shelter.

ready for the next trip in the new Rodeo
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BRUCE HIGHWAY -Brisbane nth to Innisfail
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