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 Southern Cross Caravan Park, Southern Cross, W.A.

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PostSubject: Southern Cross Caravan Park, Southern Cross, W.A.   Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:21 pm

The Southern Cross Caravan Park is generally used as a stop over for
people going to and from Kalgoorlie to Perth. As a result most people
arrive in the afternoon and leave early the next morning. It's a
shame because this place is quite rich in history, in fact it's where Paddy Hannon first began his gold prospecting.

OK ... OK ... the park.

The spaces are BIG ... you could easlily get two camper trailers on
one space and still have room left for a decent sized 4WD. Also, the
manager basically lets you camp wherever you want ... so have a look and see what spot takes your fancy.

There are two ablution/ shower blocks but only the one was open when I was there. It was all that was needed and it is very clean and appealing to the eye.

There are two camp kitchens. The main one is quite small but it has
everything you need and to be honest it's one of the first camper
kitchens I would lable 'cute'. There is a fridge for patron use and a
good sink to wash your pots and pans. The other kitchen is more a
communal room (shed) but it still has running water and another
fridge. There is also a ping pong table here which my son and I found useful (tip: don't play ping pong after you've had several beers!).

We found this park to be terrific ... not awesome but it is a really
nice park and the manager and his wife went out of there way to make our stay comfortable.

Ph: (08) 9049 1212

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Southern Cross Caravan Park, Southern Cross, W.A.
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