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 Turtle Sands, Mon Repos, Qld.

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PostSubject: Turtle Sands, Mon Repos, Qld.   Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:18 am

I spent 4 nights here at the end of 2007.
I really enjoyed the location ... it was a great beach, particularly
for surfing. The beach is also patrolled from 9am - 5pm (check
seasons). Unfortunately the park itself resembled something from the
70's as the toilet block didn't even have a proper door (it was a
security door made of mesh that didn't take too much imagination to
work out what was happening inside). The toilets were generally not
very clean and were quite smelly particularly on hot summer days.

Laundry facilities were 'adequate' but the area itself was fairly

The sites are fairly small, some are nice and in shade and would
probably be a nice spot to camp on. However, the prices were 'Big4
resort style' and so far as 'bang for you buck' is concerned prepare
yourself for a let down.

Some of the annexe pads didn't even have power, although to be fair
I'm sure this would have been advised prior to booking. Our site was
in total sun, right next to the main track but it was 'ok' as the
majority of campers were well behaved ... unfortunately we felt a tad
sun stroked' but a wander into the ocean tended to fix that.

The camping ground was ok but quite a hike to the toilets. The best
position at this park would be this camp ground as it faces directly
onto the ocean which is great for a decent sea breeze.

If you don't mind sub standard park conditions for a higher park fee
then you will find it ok.

Here's the web address ...


Cheers ...

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Turtle Sands, Mon Repos, Qld.
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