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 Paronella Paark, Mena Creek, Qld.

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PostSubject: Paronella Paark, Mena Creek, Qld.   Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:58 am

Although this park is only for people who purchase tickets for
Paronella Park itself I still felt it worthy of being recorded on

You can only stay for one night and it's free when you purchase a
ticket to enter Paronella Park (at time of writing park fee is $30
per person) but the experience you get out of that entrance fee is
WELL worth it. I'm not going to go into the history of Paronella Park
itself ... anyone wanting to find out what its about can go here ...
http://www.paronellapark.com.au/ ... where this is much literature on
the subject.

The van park is tight and awkward to move the van about and the slabs
are decaying so could cause problems for ppl with foot complaints.

There is power and water, which is just as well as you certainly need
air con. in December. I was soaked right through with sweat and that
was only 5 mins into unhitching the van!

The ablution block is in a rundown state but to be fair to the people
at Paronella Park it is soon to be upgraded and you can use the
toilets in the park which are very clean and modern. Again, don't
forget that this park is free for all patrons so I don't want to
complain too much.

We were parked underneath some lovely palms and as previously stated
you can walk into the park at anytime of the day up to 8.30pm.

I would certainly go again despite the basic nature of the van park
and if you go within 12 months of purchasing a ticket entry is free
but there is a $24/night fee for use of the van park.

I would throughly recommend this as a stop-over on a trip to Cairns
and FNQ.

Cheers ...

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Paronella Paark, Mena Creek, Qld.
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